Cannabis Cures Cancer

"In California, approximately 133,000 people
are diagnosed every year with some form of invasive
cancer, not including the common skin
cancers. About 53,000 Californians die each
year from cancer."

Help free the cure, inform others, save lives.

To treat cancer it takes about 90 gram's of high quality cannabis oil ... Patients should take 1/3 of a gram of oil 3 times a day ... It takes about 1lb of high quality cannabis flowers to be able to make enough oil for one treatment ...
Start off slow and work your dosage up

One healthy large indoor or outdoor plant can produce 1lb of cannabis in a 90 day growth cycle. If possible grow your own to avoid cannabis contaminated with pesticides. One LB of Cannabis should make enough oil (90-100g) for 90 days ...

Make your own oil to cure your CANCER !!!

This blog is to help inform the public on the truth and medical benefits of cannabis. It also contains info to help teach others the healthiest and safest way to grow or acquire their medicine, what strains are best for their condition and responsible and healthy ways of medicating.

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Here is some very good books on how to test for CBD's and the making of pure oil.
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DMSO for oil topical pain relief

Mix 50% rso 40% olive oil and 10% DMSO at luke warm ...

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

 January 1 ·

 Forrest Lee
What a year! The outdoor cultivation ban happened January 12th and I don't think we've had a day off since. We defeated Measure W, we reversed the ban (sort of) and after watching Silas suffer the consequences of bans that don't protect the critically ill I'm now working on an organization that's mission is to protect families and provide free medicine to critically ill children.

The real work begins in 2017, locally and statewide. I start with legislative efforts in January. I am speaking and providing presentations to regulators to help influence AUMA and ensure that we do everything we can to ensure safe access to people in need is not criminalized through excessive regulation and taxation.

I plan on using every ounce of energy I have to fight for Nevada County by participating, if invited, in the committee tasked with determining new cultivation regulations for Nevada County. And, I plan on continuing what Patricia Smith's Cannabis Crusades with new radio programs in 2017.

I have seen first hand the social good held in this amazing plant. I won't stop until children in our communities have safe access and the sick and dying have quality health options and are not forced to become prescribed opioid addicts.

It's going to be a busy year. But with the support and hard work of all the amazing people I've met this year, we are going to effect change in our community. Love you all so much. Look out 2017.

  Forrest Lee