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"In California, approximately 133,000 people
are diagnosed every year with some form of invasive
cancer, not including the common skin
cancers. About 53,000 Californians die each
year from cancer."

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To treat cancer it takes about 90 gram's of high quality cannabis oil ... Patients should take 1/3 of a gram of oil 3 times a day ... It takes about 1lb of high quality cannabis flowers to be able to make enough oil for one treatment ...
Start off slow and work your dosage up

One healthy large indoor or outdoor plant can produce 1lb of cannabis in a 90 day growth cycle. If possible grow your own to avoid cannabis contaminated with pesticides. One LB of Cannabis should make enough oil (90-100g) for 90 days ...

Make your own oil to cure your CANCER !!!

This blog is to help inform the public on the truth and medical benefits of cannabis. It also contains info to help teach others the healthiest and safest way to grow or acquire their medicine, what strains are best for their condition and responsible and healthy ways of medicating.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Federal Spending on MMJ Raids over? & B-man for the holidays ...

Bubble Man teaches Dry Sift for your holiday quiver ...


Federal Spending on MMJ Raids over?

I want to wish everyone a happy holiday and hope that the New Year will be peaceful and prosperous.  We are getting a mixed bag of policy changes, some good, some not so much.

First, the Good News!  President Obama signed the new budget that contained a provision to defund all Federal agencies from spending any money on marijuana prosecutions in states that have passed laws thatallow the use of cannabis for medical or recreational purposes.

This is not a suggestion or a recommendation - it is the law (at least until Sept. 2015 when this budget expires).

You can read the whole story here:

Now the bad news:  Yuba County is moving towards a total outdoor cultivation ban.  At the very least, they plan to drastically cut back on the number of plants that can be grown.  The matter has been postponed until Jan 5, so we should know soon.  El Dorado County is doing the same.